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Please read carefully the below terms of use which govern the usage of the as well as the services and products provided by the website. These terms of use consist a binding agreement between you and us.

You need to be at least 18 years old and to be fully capable to act, according to the applicable to your case jurisdiction, in order to agree with the below user’s conditions.

Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

The below Terms of Use (from now on “Terms of Use”) is a binding agreement between you and the company “COSTAS SIAMIDIS S.A.” which is based in Industrial Zone Inofita Viotia Postcode 32011 Tel +30 2262032992, VAT EL094052893, (from now on “we”, “us” “our” or the “company”) and govern the usage of (from now on “the website”), as well the content, products and services provided through the website (from now on collectively as a part with the website, the “services”, and independently towards the provided from the e-shop products, the “products”) and the content in the company’s webstore (from now on the “web store”).

With the entrance, promotion or use or any type of services, you hereby declare and guarantee that you are at least 18 years old, capable to act according to your applicable jurisdiction, and that you agree that you are bonded to the user’s conditions. In addition, you also declare and guarantee that you have the right and the power to agree with the Terms of Use.

In case you do not agree with the Terms of Use, you should not click, or accept or with any other way to concur with the Terms of Use, you should leave immediately the website and not enter or use the website. Furthermore, in case of a possible demand on our part, you agree to sign a non-electronic version of these conditions.

2. Legal usage

As a legal usage of the provided by us services, means the unconditioned acceptance of the Terms of Use and your compliance for the usage of the services according to the Hellenic legislation that governs the transactions, as well as any other applicable legislation. The acceptance of the conditions, under no circumstances, is due to include an agreement of any type or employment, cooperation or partnership with us. In case of violation of any of the Terms of Use, we keep the right to ban or to delete you from the website and the services at any time.

3. Changes to the Terms of Use and services

The Terms of Use can be modified or changed by us, according to our judgement, with or without warning at any given time.  We have mentioned, at the beginning of the present website, the last time when the Terms of Use were updated. The continues entrance or usage of the website or any other services, after their changes should be considered as an unconditioned acceptance of herein. Furthermore, we keep the right at our discretion to alter, revoke or even end providing all or part of our services at any given moment with or without notice. Please visit this website often to be informed for our latest edition of the Terms of Use.

4. Policy for protection of private information

We are bonded to the protection of the privacy of the private information that you provide us with, by using the website. The private information that is provided by you through this website is subject to the Privacy policy that is published in the website and has been engulfed in the present document.

Please read our Privacy Policy to comprehend our practices concerning the usage of your private information. The date of the last update in our Privacy Policy, is noted at that beginning of our website with the name Privacy Policy. We do not collect personal information from people under the age of 18.

5. Web store.

5.1 The company’s products that are provided for retail sale through our web store according to the present Terms of Use and the above-mentioned Privacy Policy.

5.2 Provided information and products

The company is bonded towards the quality, the completeness and the validity of the information provided in the website, as for the accurate information that is provided and its contents, from our electronic service store under the reservation a) possible technical or typed mistake which cannot be foreseen or happened without intent or b) end of operation of the website for “Force Majeure”.

5.3 Liability reduction

The company:

  1. Is in full accordance to the Hellenic Civil Law provisions concerning the sale, as well as the provisions of Hellenic Law 2251/1994 (as this has been altered and it is valid) concerning the consumer’s protection.
  2. Cannot guarantee for the availability of the products, but it can guarantee to provide the prompt information concerning their non availability.
  3. In includes the content (e.g. information, names, photos etc), the products and general the services, «as they are», without any guarantee whatsoever of any kind, either written or implied (with all reservations stated in these Terms of Use and the related legislation)
  4. Has no liability of any possible technical problems that might appear when trying to enter the website when these are related with the compatibility of user’s infrastructure with the webpage.
  5. Is not liable and has no bond for any possible drawbacks or mistakes in characteristics, photos, and prices of the products which are provided in the webstore, and cannot assure that there are no errors of any cause during the introduction and/or the update of the features and/or price of a product.
  6. Has no liability for any possible demands of legal nature or for damages of visitors of the website or third parties as a result of problems in the usage of the webpage or lack of providing services or/and information provided by the webpage

5.4 Personal Information

5.4.1 For the usage of the webstore it is necessary from your behalf the publication of some of your personal information.  In order to proceed to an order, it will be demanded for you to provide your full name, address, and shipping address, phone number, and email address. Also, in case you choose to proceed the payment via a credit, debit or prepaid card, its number, expiration date, and security code (CVC). With filing your email address, you accept that all the necessary for the completion of your order notifications can be addressed to you in the provided email address.

5.4.2 For information concerning the way that we use cookies, the type of information we collect, and how and for which purpose we will use your personal information and under which conditions we will reveal information, please see of Privacy policy.

5.4.3 In order to complete your order we will request from you, your consent for the collection, the usage and storage of your personal information, according to the specially defined in our Privacy policy.

5.5 Order- Purchasing products

5.5.1 When the purchase contract is concluded with the company: During the purchase and the completion of your order, you are lead step by step from the automatic guidance of the system. Each order is filed in our data-bases for a time frame that is necessary for the completion of our mutual sale, unless it is mentioned differently by the law or you provided us with your consent for further usage of your personal information that you provided us with.  With the completion of your order, an email is sent to you, on which we verify that the order was received. From that point, you enter in a purchase contract with the company. We have the right to contact you via telephone, so you can verify your order if this is necessary. Before the completion of the order you have the possibility to check and correct your order.

5.5.2 All the orders you place are subject of approval by the company. It is in the company’s discreet ευχέρεια to deny your order.  Below you can find possible reasons why your order might be declined:

(a) If the products you see in the website are not available.

(b) If we did not have approval of your payment.

(c) If there are limitation for the shipment of a certain product.

(d) If there is an error in the presentation of the products in our website, such as mistake in the invoice, or mistake in the description.

After you conclude your order, we will send you an email for the verification of receiving the order, your order number, and the information of the products you desire to purchase.

5.5.3 Limitation of responsibility in case of a written of a wrong price or wrong shipment:

(a) In the frame of good faith and relevant ethics, the company is not obliged to accept an order or sale products that due to a typing mistake are present in the webstore, with a wrong price, either lower or greater than the valid one for a certain time frame. In case that such a mistake is noticed to the price or in only a part of the ordered products, then the order is valid and it is processed normally with the rest of the products and is considered non processed for the products that the mistake was found, unless the products are similar and can be used as a total pack and they function like a unit with one another and you declare that a partial order does not satisfy your needs or interests, thus the company has to cancel the entire order.

(b) In case of a wrong shipment of non-ordered products, their unconditional receipt or the failure to inform the company and returning the products cannot be accepted as a consent, acceptance or declaration of wish for purchasing them. In case it is requested on behalf of the company to return (as specified in par. 5.6.1) and you from your behalf are procrastinating to return these products for a period greater than 7 calendar days, then your denial  is a statement of will of purchasing the products, the order is considered to be verified and you ought to pay their value.

5.6 Return of products (Hellenic Law 2251/1994)

5.6.1 Return from wrong shipment of non-ordered products.

In case you choose to return the (not ordered by you) product within the defined time frame of 7 calendar days from the date the company requests from you the return of the product, the product must be in superb condition, unused, with intact packaging, without been open or violated. In these cases the company is responsible for the shipment costs for the return of the products to its main store/ base as well as the shipment costs for the replacement of the product, under the condition for the returned products that are shipped from you towards us with the same way and same transportation company that you received them.  In case the product’s package is open by you or its packing is destroyed without any reasonable cause or has been used, or it is not in a superb condition that it was delivered, the company has the right not to accept its return and require payment of the product.

5.6.2 Right to withdraw

You have the right to return the products that you have purchased from the webstore and to withdraw this way from the sales contract which was mentioned above, without having the obligation to report the reasons, within 14 calendar days from their receipt according to article 3 of Law 2251/1994. Your withdrawal (from now on “the withdrawal”) can be made under the following conditions:

(a) In case of many products ordered by you in an order and shipped separately, the time frame begins from the receipt of the last product.

(b) You are obliged to return the product in the condition your received it. Specifically, the returned product should not have been used and be in superb condition («as new»), similar to just before its sale, it’s full initial packing (carton, nylon wrapping etc) and with all the contents of the initial packing (user’s manuals, feature manuals, and guarantees etc). Furthermore, in order for your return of the product to be accepted, the name of the person who initially purchased the product and whose personal information are depicted in the receipt (retail receipt or invoice).

(c) The return of the product is accepted, only if you have previously paid the amount that the company might be charged for shipping the product to you and the shipping costs for its return.

(d) The declaration of withdrawal is made in a written form with the filling of the relevant form and sending it i) either to the postal address of the company that is written at the beginning of the user’s conditions ii) or to the email The company is obliged to verify in a written form the receipt of the withdrawal declaration when it will be received.

(e) You are obliged to return the product within 14 calendar days from the day you notify us of the withdrawal and we receive a verified knowledge of it. The return takes place in the company’s offices (Industrial Area of Inofita Viotia PC 32011). In case you wish, we can receive the product from you, charging you. In any case for orders that were processed through our web store, you can, before the return of the products, contact the company’s Customer Service, either by phone (+30 2262032992), or by email in the following email address

(f) After receiving the declaration of withdrawal and if the rest of conditions of article  5.6.2 are met, we are obliged to provide you with the value that we received for the returned product. The return of the value to you will take place the latest within the same time frame of the 14 calendar days from the time we received with proof knowledge of your withdrawal.

(g) The product that has been sold with an additional present your be returned with the extra present, otherwise the value of the present will be deducted from the returned fund.

(h) All other terms for your Withdrawal rights and relevant conditions are according to the applicable conditions of Hellenic Law 2251/1994.

5.6.3 Exceptions from the right of Withdrawal

The above mentioned right of your Withdrawal, indicative and non-restrictive is not applicable:

(a) Products that are not good for return, for subjects of health protection or for hygiene reasons, and have been unsealed after the delivery.

(b) Products that are not good for return, for subjects of health protection or for hygiene reasons, and have been unsealed after the delivery.


5.6.4 Money Return

(a) After we receive the returned product and the responsible department of the company verify that the conditions of articles 5.6.1 and 5.6.2 are met, you will receive the return of funds within 30 working days and specifically by below herein mentioned. From the moment the money is credited to your account, some days might be needed (depending on each bank you have requested) for the transaction to be visible to you.

(b) If your order is being shipped in a destination within the European Union, no VAT taxes will be charged. If your order is shipped in a destination outside European Union, then there is a possibility of charging export taxes which are not included in the cost of the order.

(c) In case of return the products according to the conditions of the articles 5.6.1 and 5.6.2, you will be informed via an email for the return of the funds as follows:

  1. i) in case the payment has been made via a credit card or with a money transfer to one of the bank accounts that are mentioned herein in article 5.11: The funds are either going to be credited to your credit/debit card that you used during the transaction or via a remittance to the bank account you requested for the deposit of the funds or you informed us on a later time.
  2. ii) In case your payment has been made with pay on delivery: The funds will be credited to your bank account that you have requested upon communication with the customer service department.

5.7 Supplier’s guarantee liability

5.7.1 The withdrawal paragraph 5.6.2 of the herein User’s regulations does not apply for defective products, or products that there is a deficit of συνομολογημένης ιδιότητας, which are covered from their respective guarantees.

5.7.2 Every long-lasting product is accompanied with a written guarantee from the manufacturer of the product or the company that imported the product in the European Union or the company that puts its logos and is depicted as the manufacturer (from now on referred as the “Supplier”). Please give a special attention to the conditions of the provided by the Supplier guarantee as well as to the rest of the accompanied products and especially the ones that contain information for a safe use and maintenance of the products. Especially we note the following:

(a) The supplier should provide the consumer in a written form, precise and complete guidelines for the safe usage, maintenance, and ful usage of the product and information for the hazards during its use and maintenance.

(b) The guarantee should include with simple, clear and comprehensive text, at least the brand name and the address of the guarantor, the product that the guarantee is referred to, the exact content of the guarantee, its duration, and the extend of the territorial power. The guarantee should be according to the rules of good faith and should not be revoked from excessive provisions for exemptions. The duration of the guarantee should be according to possible life expectancy of the product. The possible life cycle of the product is the logical accepted time, during which the product can be used according to its destination, even after a repair or replacement of spare parts. If during the duration of the guarantee there is a defect present and the supplier denies or procrastinates the repair further than the necessary according to the case time, the consumer have the right to demand the replacement of the product with a new one of the same characteristics and quality or in case of non being able to repair it to request for withdrawal from the contract. If the necessary repair time exceeds the 15 working days, the consumer has the right to request a temporary replacement of the product for the amount of time that the repair lasts. The violation of the supplier’s obligations does not affects the guarantee’s prestige, on which the consumer can request and demand from the supplier its adherence

5.7.4 In the application of the above-mentioned conditions the company, if it is the supplier of one product, like it is mentioned above, will provide you with any possible assistance for the fulfillment of the manufacturer’s guarantee conditions, free of charge. Independently from the maintenance services which are not covered in the guarantee, we can case by case provide you, with the current charge

5.8 Demands due to faulty products

5.8.1 In case of the company’s responsibility for a defect, you have the optional right to:

a) demand free of charge its repair or the replacement of the product with another, unless this action is impossible or demands extraordinary cost. b) To request a lower price or c) to withdraw from the sales contract, unless the defect is insignificant.

For a product or part of it to be considered faulty, this has to be confirmed and agreed in writing. If you choose the repair or the replacement of the product the company must repair or exchange the product in a logical time.

5.8.2 In any case that you notice any defect, you have the possibility to contact us immediately after the delivery on the same day or the following working day in  +30 2262032992 or via email: If the product is declared defective by you, the company has reservations of the products prior diagnosis as defective from the company’s responsible technicians.

5.8.3 The above Company responsibilities are not applicable in cases that the defect has been caused by you or from “Force Majeure”. In any case the products must be accompanied with the necessary legal documents and delivery receipt.

5.8.4 Περιορισμός ευθύνης: Η Εταιρεία δεν παρέχει εγγύηση, ούτε εγγυάται προστασία για καταλληλότητα πωλούμενου Προϊόντος για οποιονδήποτε συγκεκριμένο σκοπό.

5.9 Prices of marketable products

In the prices that are written on every product, the shipment costs is not included. The total cost (including the shipping costs) is verified during the completion of the order. The company has the right to issue and have electronic invoices according to applicable taxation laws and you agree with this type of invoice form.

5.10 Shipment- Product availability- delays

5.10.1 The shipment of the products are made within and outside Greece according to the conditions of the law, to the place you have requested with one of the following possible shipment ways that you have chosen during the purchase of the product.

If the product that you ordered is available in our warehouse and under the condition that there are no reasons to suspend temporally or permanently the sales of one product, there will be an effort the shipment to be made within 7 working days. In any case the company must fulfill its acceptance of the contract the latest within 30 days from the verification of the order, otherwise you have the right to withdraw from the contract with us.

5.10.2 We will do any possible effort so that your order will be completed in a logical time and within the time frame we have mentioned above. However, your order might be delayed for the following reasons: a) because the shipment of the product was delayed b) because the product you ordered is removed from the catalogue and is not available. In this case we will immediately contact you in order to provide you with alternative solutions. c) In periods of extreme weather conditions or strikes as well as any case of Force Majeure, that might affect the shipment and delivery of your order. d) in case that a telephone or/and via email contact with you is impossible (if a problem arises to your order, either in relation to the product or in relation to the payment).

5.10.3 No availability of part of the order: if the lack of availability is for part of the ordered products, the rest of the order is executed, unless if the ordered products are relevant and can be used as a whole and you mention that the partial shipment does not covers your needs or interests, thus the company can cancel the entire order.

5.11 Payment terms

For your convenience and for your better service, the company provides you the following payment ways which are applicable for the shipment of products inside or outside Greece (with exception of payment on delivery is available only in shipments within Greece).

(a) Payment on delivery with cash

If the product is going to be delivered within Greece, you have the possibility of payment via payment on delivery to the courier company’s employee with which we cooperate.

(b) Bank remittance

You can choose the bank that satisfy your needs for depositing the amount of your order. We follow the bank remittance where your full name is mentioned. The available bank account where you can deposit the money is the following:

Account Number: 0026.0043.11.0200772333
ΙΒΑΝ: GR8602600430000110200772333
Owner’s name: COSTAS SIAMIDIS S.A.

In the reason of your deposit your full name must be shown. There is also the possibility to transfer money via web banking in any bank you prefer. Then you need to send us in the deposit receipt.

If you do not deposit the money within 10 days then automatically your order is cancelled.

NOTE: In case you choose the deposit via web banking on a different bank than the one we use, you might be charged bank fees for the transaction and might be a small delay of your order until the payment is verified by our system.

6.Intellectual property rights

The content that is provided through our services, including indicative listing, the text, the documents, software, graphics, photographs, music, sounds, video, interactive functions blogs, messages, comments, posts and other materials (from now on “the content”) and commercial logos, the logos of services and the logos that are contained in these services (from now one the “logos”) belong to us or have been provided to us are subject to Intellectual property rights according to the Hellenic, European and International legislation and in accord to the international law and international agreements.

The entire content is provided to you exclusively for your information and for your personal non commercial usage. You agree not to use, copy or distribute anywhere content unless it is allowed in a written form. If you download or print a copy of the content for personal use, you should and other property notices which are contained therein.

You agree that you will not bypass, disable or otherwise interfere with the service’s security features or the features which prevent or restrict the use of copying or using any content or impose any type of restriction on the use of the services or the content. We the licensors retain all the intellectual and industrial property rights for the services and the content.

7.Following services and advertisements

We have the right to use, on our own discretion, 3rd party advertisement companies, for example and not exclusively Facebook, Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft, for the promotion of personalized advertisements when you visit our website, under the condition that this legally allowed. These companies can use information relevant to your interests in order to provide you with personalized advertisements for products and services that interest you. We have the right to watch all the advertisements, public announcements, and uploaded messages, in order to make sure that are in accord to the guidelines of content that is given by us and can be changed at any moment. For further information concerning the information we collect or 3rd parties when you use the website, but also for the way we use this information please visit the Company’s Privacy policy which is published in the website and is a vital part of the present User’s conditions.


The company provides the users/ visitors of the website with the possibility to choose to be informed for new products, offers, etc via newsletters in the email address. These newsletters are the company’s intellectual property and thus they are protected by the relevant provisions of the Hellenic Legislation and the international agreements. The company can keep a file with the emails of the receivers who have given their consent for the receiving for other informative or financial messages. The company will not use abusive the above service. In the case you do not wish to receive informative messages you have the possibility of ending the receiving by following the guidelines which are included in each newsletter or message that you receive. The use of your email for subjects that concern possible orders are not informative newsletters as it is described above. For further information concerning the way we administrate your email and in general the website’s users’ personal information please refer to the Company’s Privacy Policy which is published in the website and is a vital part of the present User’s conditions.


You agree to pay us damages of any possible loss, damage (including solicitor’s fees), which you owe due to the violation of the Terms of Use.

13. Legislative Framework

13.1 The resolution of any type of disagreement that might arise in matters of implementation of the present Terms of Use, should be governed by the Hellenic Legislation and Courts.

For any other differences the exclusive jurisdiction is defined by the Athens’ courts for every jurisdiction, and every dispute.

13.2 For the out of court dispute settlement, you can refer to the responsible Greek authorities and bodies.

14.Choosing language – Disclosures

All the written announcements, reports and notifications must be written in the English and Greek language and to be read by:

  1. From us to you via email to the email address that you filed during your subscription or updated afterwards.
  2. From you to us via email in the email address or by personal letter via post or other shipment services (courier) and delivery receipt on the address that is written at the beginning of the Terms of Use, or in any other address that is defined by us. It is defined that the deliveries made in the above-mentioned address are valid.

15. Partial Invalidity and Valid replacement

In case that any of the provisions of the herein may be interpreted with more than one ways, one of which might render the provision invalid, void or unenforceable, such provisions should be interpreted in such a way as making it valid and enforceable.

In case that any court or public authority determines that any provision herein is not enforceable in the manner of its writing or formulation, that provision should be amended to the greatest extend according to the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction within it, whose implementation and enforcement is demanded and to provide to the given contacting parties the same fundamental rights, that have the same validity that had before the amendment.

16.Resignation from rights

The contracting parties should not be deemed to have waived or resigned from their rights, powers or obligations under the Terms of Use simply because of their possible application  from  their part of practices which is contrary to the terms hereof, or because of their omission or negligence from their part to use any right according to the herein or insist for the full compliance of the counter-party with the obligations of the herein. Even the long acceptance of the contractor of violations of the herein contract in no circumstances does not declare or substantiate any waiver or impair resignation from the rights of these.

17.Bindeding conditions

The mentioned Terms of Use are binding for the contracting parties, as well as the respective executors, administrators, depositary, beneficiaries and successors of them.

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